City Sports Group | Sports Leadership – The role of Sports in building future leaders
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Sports Leadership – The role of Sports in building future leaders

Sports Leadership – The role of Sports in building future leaders

Sports could generally be defined as a physical exercise and skill which involves an individual or team competing against another for entertainment, hobby and professional activities.  However, in recent years, the benefits of participating in sporting activities have grown beyond the physical and health gains, as it is now used as a tool for engagement and more importantly developing leadership skills. While budding talents often nurse ambitions of cutting it at the professional level, a high percentage of them never actually fulfill their desire due to a number of factors which include but not limited to low skill level, injuries, poor mentor-ship, lack of parental support etc. Despite having the dream of becoming successful athletes truncated, it shouldn’t be a lose-lose situation as valuable life skills should have been impacted during the period of engaging in sports.

A competitive and positive attitude is developed, same as other successful global leaders.

The potential child leader further develops communication and team building qualities which enables participants to identify strength and weaknesses, develop winning strategies, treat competitors with respect, manage time effectively and possess effective interpersonal skills, such as the ability to successfully communicate with, motivate and appreciate others. These qualities will always come in useful in an evolving and demanding world, where individuals who find themselves leading in various capacity are constantly under pressure and in the spotlight. They will be well-equipped to make quick and reasonable decisions and have the confidence to be in control of whatever situation regardless of the circumstances.  Even when faced with expected challenges, setbacks and rejections; the discipline, courage, integrity and perseverance skills are always handy qualities which help to keep the focus unchanged and eventually helps to attain the set goal and objective.

Parents and guardians are hereby encouraged to enroll their children and wards in sporting activities to enable the effective all-round development of the individuals as they prepare to make a lasting positive impact in a competitive world.  They say, winners never quit, quitters never win. As simple and practical as the aforementioned statement might sound, it takes a lot of determination to keep the fire burning to enable you live your dream.

In conclusion, while sports have the potential in every country to become one of the most lucrative sectors of the economy and also for health benefits, its immense value in developing leaders remains highly untapped, an area which urgently has to be reviewed.

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